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Currently, depending upon the size and grade, finished leather is selling for $10 to $40 per centimeter. The measurement is taken at the widest part of the belly and measured in centimeters across the belly. A six-foot long alligator will yield a hide of approximately 36 centimeters in width. The prime part of the hide is the belly. The legs and tail are not ordinarily graded. Holes, scars and blemishes in the belly part of the hide detract from the value and selling price. Larger alligators over nine feet long tend to have calcium deposits called buttons on their bellies and necks. These buttons tend to take dying improperly and are not very pliable. Heavily buttoned hides may have character but are less valuable.

We currently have inventory from three tanneries. We wish to add a few more high-quality tanners who are qualified to turn our alligator skins into the highest quality alligator leather.

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