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What Our Customers Say

Below are comments we've received from some of our customers.

You really do aim to please....
The real thing sure beats the alligator print products.
God bless you real good.
Anita G TX. 6-30-04


The belts arrived today and, of course, were well worth the little wait. They are resplendent. My oldest son Dan is delighted and can't wait to show his belt to his friends.
I marvel at how some people have all the talent. After all, you are both a trapper and an artisan.
Dr. Stuart A Ny. 5-12-04


My brother cherishes the two leather belts that were purchased from you in November-December, 2003. Respectfully, Adam
Dr. Adam F De. 6-11-04


Thank you for such prompt and reliable shipping. We are pleased with the hides.
Marcie T Fl. 9-17-02


We love the belt. You did a perfect job and my husband can't wait to wear it.
Linda H TX. 1-30-03


Good Afternoon! I got my brown belt yesterday. Again, It looks great! The grain pattern is very interesting. Thanks for taking such pains to craft such a quality product. I believe this is as much a piece of art for you as it is a belt for sale. The care and quality craftsmanship shows through.
Please keep my on your mailing list.
Nelson B Tn. 1-26-03


Just a note to let you know my new alligator belt was delivered this morning and looks great.
Oliver T TX. 10-22-03


Hi Pete - Got the wallet - its great - Exactly what I was looking for - its better than the $500 ralph lauren that I just threw away (gift) -
Thanks again -
Brian M Il. 6-5-03


Got my belts. They look great thanks.
Kevin K Ca 6-30-03


Got my belts. They look great thanks.
H.K.B Co. 8-29-03


I just want to say thank you for correcting the credit card charges on my account promptly.
I am looking forward to do more business with you in the future.
Have a nice day!
Fanny C Ca. 4-21-03


My wife was so impressed with her belts, she told me I needed a couple for my upcoming birthday!
See ya soon.............
Bruce H Fl. 1-2-03



I received the belt yesterday. It is beautiful. I tried my husband's monogrammed buckle and it fits perfectly. You were right-the workmanship is far superior to the belts I have seen in department stores. If anyone I know is considering the purchase of a belt in the future, I will tell them about you.
Thanks for taking the time to assist me in getting all the details 'right'.
Cathey C La. 12-17-02


Hi Pete - Both belts (black safari and chocolate brown safari) are choice, quality products. Thank you so much for your product. I shall be ordering again.
Dr. Adam F De. 12-22-03


Pete, I just received my belt from you and I just wanted to tell you I am very pleased. I will be ordering more items in the future.
Ron A Nc. 1-8-04


Pete, I just received my belt from you and I just wanted to tell you I am very pleased. I will be ordering more items in the future.
Ron Allen Il. 2-5-03


I have to say your website is the best among nearly 100 websites I searched for belts. I like the content and the neat design. Brilliant job!

Please Thank you very much.
Senzi Ca. 2-12-03


Dear Kinnamon; I just received my two money clips(1 black, 1 brown). I'm very pleased with the quality(no flaws!). Speedy delivery too. Good Show!
Scott P Ca 6-25-04