Latigo Belly and Irregular Pieces

Price per pound, $2.00. Use quantity to purchase more. The belly cutoffs average approximately 5 feet in length and are approximately 3/16” (11 oz.) thick. Irregular shaped pieces that are shorter and wider are also available. There are several uses for this tough, supple, high quality Latigo leather. Call Brian or Pete @ 863-858-6971 to order.
Latigo Belly and Irregular Pieces
Latigo Belly and Irregular Pieces
Latigo Leather is re-tanned or double tanned cowhide leather. Modern Latigo is first chrome tanned then it is vegetable tanned. Following this procedure, several tanning techniques are used to increase the amount of oil and wax the finished product will hold. The end result leads to a leather that is more flexible than vegetable tans but stiffer than chrome tans. Because of this process, Latigo is one of the most expensive cowhide leathers on the market today. Latigo is frequently used for high end belts, straps, handbags, smaller cases and some rigging in the saddle industry. If you cut through Latigo it is ordinarily silver gray in the middle because the first tanning process was chrome. We use Latigo in our belt linings that are manufactured here @ .
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